April 9, 2013

Healthy Hamburger Wraps

You know what.... I have a love/hate relationship with hamburger.  I love them but I hate how unhealthy they are.  I love them but I hate when I get the hard "bad" pieces.  I love them but I hate when I get served one that is under-cooked.  Yuck!

Do you know what I mean? 

I've been working on the foods that I've been eating and trying my hardest to be healthier and guess what... I've been able to reduce my cholesterol from 234 all the way down to 155 in the past year.  Let me just take a minute to imagine that you're clapping your hands, or patting me on the back, or telling me good job Shauna! 

So, let me ask you... have you ever been to In-N-Out Burger?  They have them here in Utah and they actually do have very tasty hamburgers.  I only like to go about once every 3-4 months though and I now order my burger Protein Style so it cuts out the bun and it's served wrapped in lettuce instead.  

That was my inspiration for this Healthy Hamburger Wrap recipe.  Just like In-N-Out but better!  I've discovered Morning Star Farms Grillers Original Patties and I LOVE them!!!  They have such a great flavor, no cholesterol, no bad yuckie pieces (yay!), and they are so easy to cook!  I've literally died and gone to hamburger heaven :) 

And the best part... my hubby who is VERY picky about his hamburgers has actually given his stamp of approval and said he likes them.  Gasp!  That was the shocker of the year.  He's totally a hamburger and fries kind of guy and he said that these Morning Star Farms Grillers were tasty :)  

April 3, 2013

Baked Veggies with Garlic & Red Pepper Flakes

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I have completely fallen in love with veggies cooked in the oven!  They come out with the perfect amount of crisp and aren't mushy from boiling in water.  The down side is that they take a bit longer to cook (especially since I use frozen veggies for this recipe), but if you're cooking a meat with them then you can put everything in the oven and just let it cook while you are busy doing something else.  That part I do love!