About Me

Hi my name is Shauna and I am a Program Health Coach and a stay at home mother of 2 very cute kiddo's... a teenage girl and 12 month old baby boy.  I'm happily married to the love of my life who definitely keeps me on my toes, daily!

My journey to lose weight has not been easy and I've struggled with it since I was about 8 years old.  My absolute worst memory from being a teenager was the day that a boy called me "Thunder Thighs" in Jr. High.  I'll never forget how I felt that day and how embarrassed I was. 

My 20's weren't much better.  I feel like I wasted them because I was overweight, insecure & extremely frustrated with how I looked and felt.  I can't even begin to tell you how tired I was every day!  My daughter was small at the time and it was hard to keep up with her.  Even thinking about going to the park on a summer day would overwhelm me.  I never had anything to wear because nothing ever fit my body right.  And if I did manage to find something that fit, the fear of "skinny" women being at the park with their kids deterred me and we'd just stay home because I couldn't "deal" with it.  

I reached my heaviest weight of 255 pounds when I was 25 years old.  I started sinking deeper and deeper into a depression and I felt like I would never come out of it.  I started taking anxiety medication just to help get me through the day.

Everything pretty much stayed the same until last year when I got pregnant with my son.  I was scared to death because I didn't know how much weight I would gain with the pregnancy and didn't want to have any health problems for the baby or for myself.

Well, I ended up getting pretty big!  It's sad that I don't really have any pregnancy pictures because I was so overweight that I wouldn't let anyone take any pictures of me.

When my son was 8 months old we took him to the local Zoo and I remember being so uncomfortable.  I could barely zip up my size 18 drawstring pants.  I'm pretty sure you could see panty lines because they were so incredibly tight.  I always wore 2 shirts when I left the house. No matter how hot it was outside.  The second one was always looser so that I could try to cover up as much as possible.

Yeah, when I saw how many "rolls" I had in these pictures I was mortified!  I had been avoiding the camera for the entire 8 months since my son was born.  I only have 2 other pictures of him and I together.  How sad is that?

I decided that I was going to make changes and start losing weight immediately.  WRONG!  I instantly gained 5 pounds because I didn't have the tools in place to help me through this process.

That's when I started researching weight loss programs that would work for me.  I called a TSFL Health Coach and started asking questions and I'm so glad I did!  I started the program that same week and I've personally lost 46 pounds as of today!


My goal is to "Pay It Forward" and help as many others on their weight loss journey that I can so they can find health & happiness like I did!  That's why I've become a health coach for this program and have been working so hard to share it with people that need it just like I did!   

Check out my Health Coach site and find out more about the program that I used to help me lose my weight HERE.  If you want more information on how I can help you too Contact Me HERE!

I didn't hide from the camera in these pictures, lol!  It might be the first time in my whole life that I actually didn't mind having my picture taken :)

Here are a few pictures of our family that were taken over the past month.....  I hope you can see how much happier I am in these pictures!

Want more information?  Email me HERE

Clients can expect to lost between 2-5 pounds the first 2 weeks, and 1-2 pounds a week thereafter!


  1. You look amazing Shauna! You have always been beautiful, but now your confidence brings positive energy when you walk into a room :) I'm happy for you, and hopefully others who read your blog will be able to have the success you have had!

  2. Hi Shauna. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. So inspiring.


  3. congrats shauna! your smile is so infectious!!!
    losing weight is a lot of hard work, so good for you!!!!
    xo, mama lola

  4. Shauna,
    I would never have known you had a weight issue unless you mentioned it. I've gained weight the past few years and I can sympathize. I use the same tricks you used to. So glad that you succeeded and are happier for it.