November 11, 2013

Lighter Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwich

I have a total confession to share with you....  I have an addiction to sandwiches!  It's bad too! I could seriously live on sandwiches morning, noon and night with all of the different bread, meat and cheese combinations.  You can make hot sandwiches, you can make cold sandwiches and in my own mind the options go on and on.

This is seriously the worst kind of addiction for me to have because bread (and pasta) put weight on me faster than anything else out there! It's really not funny to tell you the truth.  Every time I eat a sandwich I gain a pound, no joke.  So I have to be very careful about when and how I make my sandwiches now that I've been maintaining my 50 lb weight loss.  I can't completely cut them out because I don't believe in living that strict of a diet, but I do believe in being careful about what you put into your body and being aware enough to know who it affects your physical health.